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  1. 5.0

    Great food! I highly recommend the buffet.

  2. Barbara

    My partner & I had arranged to meet some family at the Holiday Inn restaurant. We were met by lovely staff at their help desk who directed us towards the restaurant. Upon arrival we were allocated seats around the pool area accompanied by a live band playing soothing Ghanaian style music. A waiter approached us with the menus and was quick to respond to our requests. The drinks & food were at a slightly higher value than other places, however the quality and atmosphere are sure to make up for that. I was pleasantly surprised with the staff and how well organised they all were. I shall be visiting the restaurant again and possibly the hotel if this is the level of reception I’ll receive.

  3. Jesse

    I had driven past the Holiday Inn on many occasions but had never visited until this past week. The visit was only as a matter of consequence as we wanted to kill some time, but I was so impressed that I’ll definitely be going back. We sat by pool area surrounded by the beautiful modern architecture currently engrossing Airport City, you could easily have forgotten you were actually in Accra. The pool area was well set up with a mixture of tables, stools and lounge furniture and the live jazz band added a romantic ambience to the air. We ordered some canapés and cocktails which were absolutely amazing and the attentive service from the staff made the experience that much more special. If you’re looking for a place to chill out with a lover or friends in Accra, this is definitely a high contender.

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