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  1. 4.0

    Elmina Beach Resort has the ambience of a traditional Ghanaian owned resort. The decor is grand and detailed. I had a late lunch at the resort, there is also a buffet there too. The waiter was helpful and the food was fine, the fresh pineapple juice was also very fresh and tasty.

  2. Jesse

    This hotel sits in a perfect spot on the coast, overlooking Elmina Castle and the bright blue sea. The architecture is amazing and the environment serene and quiet. We passed by for dinner after a day trip to Kakum National Park & Elmina Castle and all I can say is I’ve not seen a bigger grilled Tilapia anywhere else. The food was delicious and the calmness of the resort allowed for relaxation afterwards. One more thing, their fresh pineapple juice is definitely worth a try.

  3. 4.0

    The resort is very nice and calming. I had a relaxing time there and the food was nice as well. My only issue was the fact that we waited for quite a while before our food arrived.

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