Do you wish to cultivate more calm in your life? Bliss is hosting the Yin Yoga workshop Sink Into Stillness on Sunday May 15. Sink into stillness with Yin yoga. Yin is a slow-paced and meditative yoga practice for all levels that releases the deep connective tissues of the body. This gentle but profound practice will leave you grounded and restored in both body and soul! Also don’t miss Yerina’s regular classes on Wednesday evenings that end with a gentle Yin sequence.

Cost: 400 cedis (NAWA, Embassty & Student 360 Cedis)
Sponsor goodie bags and healthy refreshments will be served.
Interested: Join us! Questions: Email

Yin Yoga
“So let the body speak for now
without you saying a word . . .
this one knows better than I the way.”

In Taoism Yin and Yang describes how opposite forces are complementary and interdependent in the natural world; without light there is no darkness, without motion there is no stillness. Whereas the Yang side of our nature is active, focused on change and striving, Yin is more introspective and focused on finding peace with what is. We need both to be balanced and whole.

We are formed by different types of mental and physical structures that can greatly benefit from Yoga practices. Through focus on repetitive movement and the use of muscles “Yang” yoga increases our heart rate, produces heat and builds strength and flexibility. Yin was developed to complement these more active forms of Yoga that are all about striving and motion. It engages parts of our body that are harder to reach such as tendons and ligaments. This is done by holding postures for extended periods of time, which allows our muscles to relax putting gentle tension on our deep tissues. With its slow meditative pace we cultivate stillness and the practice of letting things be just as they are. The practice of Yin leaves you feeling uplifted and deeply centred in both body and mind.