The Leadership Factor is Transition Africa’s themed event and is planned under the Evolution Ladder concept.

The Leadership factor promises to bring five speakers who have achieved through exemplary leadership and have impacted immeasurably in their line of business, companies and careers.

The invited speakers all share common traits of good leaders nevertheless each have shown consistent excellence in particular aspects of leadership.

The Leadership Factor will provide the opportunity for the audience and greater public to benefit from the insight, knowledge and experience these individuals have gained and cultivated through their consistent strive for excellence.

The Evolution ladder is a social engagement platform that focuses on leadership as a tool for sustaining development.

This program aims to equip young individuals and graduates with leadership development skills and expose participants to cutting-edge solutions, insight and knowledge for starting and sustaining businesses and social enterprises.

Principles for business successes and the role of employing effective leadership to sustaining those businesses would be integrated to give individuals a step-by-step guideline.

Evolution ladder recognizes the need for job experience. Hence, the program incorporates the same pattern to equip jobbers to become indispensable leader-employees.

Through Evolution Ladder, participants will gain un-paralleled access to highly capable and successful resource persons. Resource persons span from entrepreneurs, industry professionals, law and policy makers, educators and prominent and influential media personalities.

Stay Tuned for Speaker lists and Sponsors shortly.