#HOMOWONM is here again.

After several months of behind the scenes work, GDN and the women of ONM are back with a bang!!!!!

Accra’s changing contemporary culture is being celebrated for it dynamism, in the context of Tradition and Heritage, exemplified by Osu HOMOWO on August 19th.

This Fiesta of Culture, Cuisine and Classic music, is a testament to what DESIGN CAN DO, to revitalize a Community Activity of rich history and economic sustainability, and present an opportunity to ENGAGE WITH THE EVERYDAY!!!!!!

GDN, its Partners and Supporters congratulates the people of Osu during this festive Season to celebrate HOMOWO.
PEOPLE, be part of this Authentic Night Market experience which has been.a mainstay of Osu Life over the past 150 years. This is not a Festival but an Integral Experience!!!!
BRING IT ON !!!!!!!!!