MADE in GHANA II :the Civil Service as the name indicates is the second installment in the Made in Ghana series by Yom Nfojoh, using the Ghanaian civil service as our main theme, the show aims to apply spoken poetry and music as a tool, it seeks to explore into depth different aspects of the Ghanaian civil service, the main objective is to transform daily on goings within the service into relatable artistic expression that will inform, entertain as well as raise awareness on national issues. The show involves some of Ghana’s top spoken word artists and award winning poets who will perform pieces molded around the various professions within the civil service, alongside other works. This will be interlaced with musical displays from an array of topnotch vocalists and instrumentalists.

The show will take place on Tuesday the 24th of May 2016 at the Gold Coast restaurant and cocktail bar, which offers an ideal environment for a combination of leisure and discernment.